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Endometriosis Surgical Management

Endometriosis causes uterine tissue to implement its growth to other parts of your abdomen, which generally grows on your uterus' inside lining. The misplaced tissue can cause symptoms like bowel movements or pain during sexual intercourse and periods. The process of getting pregnant becomes even harder when you have endometriosis.

Our treatment at Brundavan Women & Child Care Centre can improve your odds of conceiving and relieve your pain. Our doctors use two primary treatments for endometriosis, one is giving medications, and another is surgery.

Our doctors will recommend surgery for you if you are experiencing severe endometriosis, and medications are not working. Removal of endometrial tissue will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Surgeries to Treat Endometriosis:

Our specialist doctors at Brundavan Women & Child Care centre perform two major surgeries to treat endometriosis:

Hysterectomy- Severe endometriosis is treated with a hysterectomy, where our surgeon will remove your uterus and, possibly, your cervix and ovaries.

Conservative surgery- Removal of endometrial tissue as much as possible and also preserve your reproductive organs is a surgical procedure known as conservative surgery. Our doctors do this procedure through laparoscopy.

Each surgery is performed differently with a world-class procedure. Before your surgery, you might need to prepare for a day or two.

Our doctors might ask you to take medications or to empty your bowels before your surgery.

During laparoscopy or conservative surgery under general anesthesia, you will be pain-free. Your abdomen will be inflated with CO2 gas; this aids in better visualization of your abdomen. You will be allowed to go home on the same day as your surgery.

In some cases, the removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries is also suggested. This procedure is done in ways like,

  • Abdominally- By making an incision in your lower pelvis, our doctors will remove your uterus and other reproductive organs
  • Vaginally- There is no incision in this process; our doctors will remove your uterus and cervix through your vagina
  • Laparoscopically- By making a few incisions through your abdomen, our doctors will remove your uterus, in some cases, possibly your cervix and ovaries.


Your recovery will be faster in laparoscopic surgery than after an open hysterectomy. After the procedure, your activities will be limited for a week or more, depending upon your health.

After surgery, if you are experiencing symptoms like a fever over 101 F, heavy bleeding from your vagina, pain that is getting worst or severe, redness, or pus draining from the incision site, contact us immediately to get your treatment start soon.

We at Brundavan Women & Child Care centre will always be there to support your endometriosis journey.

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