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Best Gynecologists in Hyderabad to help you with any & all Gynec Conditions…

Neonatal Specialist

Medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborn.


Personalised care from the moment of conception to delivery & beyond….

Extreme preterms

Extremely preterm, born at or before 25 weeks of pregnancy.


Minimally invasive procedures to deliver best medical & cosmetic results..

Extremely LBW

Treatment for LBW cases with comprehensive medical care unit in place.

Best Gynecologist in Hyderabad

12+ Years of Expertise in Gynecology

Brundavan Women & Child Care Centre is one of the leading gynaecology hospitals in Hyderabad led by Dr Gitanjali, one of the best gynaecologists in Hyderabad. Brundavan Women & Child Care is committed to fulfilling the health care needs of all the women regardless of their age with quality and compassion.  At Brundavan we focus on the individual needs of every patient in a professional patient friendly atmosphere.

Our treatments & pregnancy care packages are personalised to each patient fulfilling their needs. Our staff is trained to handle obstetric patients with love & care that they deserve.


Personalised Care


Happy Patients


Years of Experience


Awards & Rec.

Obstetric Care

World CLass Care for the to be Mothers
Pre Pregnancy COunselling

Our gynecology & fertility specialists can help you achieve pregnancy by counselling you and advising you about suitable days for conception, performing medical interventions if necessary to boost your chances at getting pregnant.  

Antenatal Care

Prevention is better than cure is what we believe in. We at Brundavan screen the would be mother for any potential health problems through out the pregnancy. Antenatal care also called prenatal care helps protect both the mother and child from unforeseen health problems.

PainLess Labour

At Brundavan we offer painless delivery for the ones who need it. Painless delivery is acheived via epidural injections which are safe and can help the mother relax to concentrate on delivery.

PostNatal Care

As you and your new born need the same amount of care taken before the delivery. Our postnatal care specialists and staff can provide gentle and loving care to both the mother and the new born.

Pediatric Care

Medical diagnostics and treatments of the infants till grown up.

Neonatal Specialist

medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborn

Extreme Preterms

Comprehensive baby care for preterms

Extremely LBW

Specialised care for extremely LBW cases.

Newborn Ventilator Care

Newborn Ventilator care with advanced medical equipment & close monitoring.

Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral Nutrition & Care.

Pediatric Allergies

Chronic Allergies, Pediatric specialised care.

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For existing pregnancies

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Happy Families About Us

  • Dr Gitanjali is one of the best gynecologists in Hyderabad. She is kind & empathetic. She listened to my problem and explained the treatment well. Thanks a lot doctor

    Mrs. Jyoti

  • All the staff and the doctor were amazing. All the time during my pregnancy, everytime I went to the hopsital they treated me with respect and care. Dr Gitanjali’s bed side manners and professionalism are exceptional.

    Mrs. Pragathi Jain

  • I was treated by Dr Gitanjali for Heavy menstrual bleeding. I can say with out a doubt she is the best gynecologist in Hyderabad. She was very caring and the treatment worked like a charm.

    Ms. Asha Kiran

  • Dr Gitanjali is one of the best gynecologists in Hyderabad. She was empathetic to my problem and listened to me with a lot of patience. She assured me of the treatment and thank god it was successful.

    Mrs. Karthika

  • Best doctor for PCOD treatment in Hyderabad. I visited a couple of gynecologists before visiting her and with Dr Gitanjali I found a solution to my PCOS problem. Thank you doctor.

    Mrs. Sarojini

  • Dr Gitanjali delivered my baby and the care she and the staff gave us was exceptional. If you are pregnant and looking for Gynecologist who can take care of everything, Dr Gitanjali is the one.

    Mrs. Priyanka

  • Both the staff and the doctor were very helpful through out my pregnancy. They guided me and helped me in every way possible. Thank god I chose Dr Gitanjali for my first delivery, it was a wise decision.

    Mrs. Neha Chowdhury

  • Took my daughter to Dr Gitanjali to get her treated for heavy menstrual bleeding. Dr Gitanjali helped us a lot. Very grateful for her.

    Mrs. Sushma Rao

  • I was suffering from Urinary tract infection. Dr Gitanjali treated my infection and it was successful. She is very kind and sympathetic toward patients problems

    Mrs. Preethi

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