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Brundavan Hospitals is one of the best maternity hospitals that provides high quality health care. With a team of well qualified and established doctors, the hospital assures the best medical care in the city. The Hospital is dedicated  to Women & Children with team of experts in the division of Gynaecology & Paediatrics.
Our team of Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Intensivists & Paediatrics offer excellent care for newborn, premature babies, toddlers & children also catering to emergencies such as high fever, ingestion of foreign body and poisoning, other emergencies.
Dr. Karthik , founder director of Brundavan Hospitals is a Senior Pediatrician and Neonatologist with over 14 years experience.
In his career spanning over a decade he has worked as Chief Neonatologist and Head Of Pediatrics at premier medical institutions like Yashoda Hospital, Secunderbad & Basant Sahney Hospital, Marredpally.
He has unparalleled expertise in treating high risk neonates, smallest being 550grams baby born at 26weeks Gestational Age.
Expertise in treating neonates with PPHN (a critical lung condition in neonates). Good at operating high end ventilators and performing important procedures. Special interest in addressing nutritional and developmental issues in children.
Vaccination drive has always been his focus trying to emphasise the importance of immunisation in preventing many diseases.
He currently  works as Senior Paediatrician and Chief Neonatologist at Brundavan Hospital, Hyderabad.
Dr Gitanjali is one of the best gynaecologist in Hyderabad with 13+ years of expertise in Gynaecology.  Rich experience in laparoscopy surgeries, She has worked with many premier gynaecology & fertility hospitals in India has  invaluable expertise in treating complex gynec & fertility cases.
Dr Gitanjali is an alumnus of some of the prestigious medical institutions in the world. She is trained in advanced reproductive medicine and holds Masters in Reproductive Medicine from Homerton University, London.
Dr Gitanjali founded Brundavan Hospitals to provide comprehensive world class care for gynaecology & Fertility patients under one roof.

Dr. T.P.Karthik

(MBBS, MD Pediatrics, Fellow NICU) Paediatrics Chief Neonatologist

Founder & Director – Brundavan Hospitals

Dr. Gitanjali G

Chief Consultant Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist

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Why Choose us?

Compassionate women’s health care
Global Expertise

Our doctors have invaluable global expertise having worked at prestigious medical institutions across the world. All our staff are trained to be gentle and compassionate towards our patients creating a patient friendly atmosphere.

Our Mission

We are set out on a mission to deliver comprehensive care for all gynecological and infertility conditions under one roof. To use advancements in technology to give best possible results to our patients. At Brundavan we make use of the advancement in medical technologies to provide best possible care for all of our patients

Our Vision

As envisaged my by our director Dr Gitanjali we work with a vision of providing compassionate care in a patient friendly environment. We strive to provide affordable and accessible health care for all women.

Personalised Care

We understand that every patient has their own needs and expectations. Our doctors & staff work with patients to devise personalised treatment plans for the patients. Our treatment programs are devised in such a way that they take care of the patient at every level of the treatment & recovery or  pregnancy.